Træskohage Lighthouse

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7140 Stouby

Træskohage Fyr – once the ship’s beacon through the fjord.

Beautifully situated on the north side of Vejle Fjord stands Træskohage Lighthouse. The lighthouse, 13 meters high, was built in 1904 by Vejle Harbor and was taken out of operation in 1982. The lighthouse then served as a viewpoint, but the lighthouse was not maintained. With the help of local citizens and foundations, the lighthouse was renovated in 2017 and is now brought back to the lighthouse's original appearance. Thus, the lighthouse can rightly be called "The White Lighthouse," as it was formerly called among the locals.

One of Hotel Vejlefjords paths goes byt the lighthouse, so you can combine a visit there with a hike in the park to see the many attractions. The path to the lighthouse is also available for wheelchair users.


7140 Stouby



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