From the source of the Gudenå to Uldum Marsh

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Parkeringsplads, Vandskellet

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Experience this beautiful nature by bike or on foot.

The blue bicycle routes are 22, 30 and 42 kilometers.

The bicycle route around the southern part of the Gudenaa (the blue route on the map) is a roundtrip, so you can start and stop whereever you want. You can also split it up in to shorter trips by taking the road between Hjortsvang and Tørring (see the map – a part of route 33). The trips follows one of the following routes all the way: Number 20 Rask Mølle – Uldum, number 32 north of the Gudenaa or number 33 south of the Gudenaa valley. The trip follows lesser asphalted roads, except for a stretch from the source of the Gudenaa towards Hammmer church, which is pebble road. On the trip, you’ll bike on the edge of the Gudenaa valley with incredible views – especially on the northside. The Gudenaa, which is the longest creek in Denmark, here has its source and you have to reach Tørring, before you can set out with a canoo and paddle towards Randers Fjord and Kattegat, the first stretch through the nature area Uldum Marsh. In the western reaches, you are in the heart of the great water division, where the Gudenaa has its source and runs east and Skjern Aa has its source in a lake only 100 meters away and runs towards Vesterhavet. In between is the water division, and here the Hærvej runs its path to avoid passing the wet river valleys. You can see the numerated attractions along the way.

Hike from source of Gudenaa to marsh, approximately 16 kilometers

The red hike from the source of the Gudenaa to Uldum Marsh (the red route on the map) follows the Gudenaa from its source to Tørring, where the canoo people can launch their canoos and paddle towards the north east through Uldum marsh, which is a 1.049 acres large nature area. The trip begins in the west, in the heart of the great water divide, where the Gudenaa has its source only a 100 meters from the source of Skjern aa in a lake, from where it runs towards Vesterhavet. The name the great water divide derives from exactly this – that the longest creek in Denmark (the Gudenaa) and the one which the most water runs through (Skjern aa), here runs in opposite directions with only a 100 meters gap. And in between on the water divide itself, the Hærvej has its path. On the trip, you can see the first waterpark of Denmark, which was created in the 1930’ies and was functioning until 1947. You can follow the path on both the eastern and the western bank of the Gudenaa. On the eastside it follows the old mill road to Hammer Mill. Sveral places, there are great views of the Gudenaa valley. After Tørring city, where you can shop your rations, Uldum Marsh follows – an approximately 1050 acres Natura 2000 area. East of Uldum Marsh, you’ll find Uldum City with the mill and the longest functioning folk high school in Denmark.



Parkeringsplads, Vandskellet

7130 Juelsminde


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