The Rhododendron Garden

Experience this large, beautiful park full of colourful rhododendron bushes. Immerse yourself in the beautiful, peaceful surroundings and visit the shop where you can buy your own rhododendron to take home to your garden.

Visit one of Denmark’s most beautiful gardens

Just north of Tørring, you find Scandinavia’s largest rhododendron paradise. In the approx. 4-hectare-large park, you can enjoy the wonderful experience of being surrounded by rhododendron bushes that are more than 50 years old. The park is laid out in a forested area with many tall trees that provide good protection for the plants – while also providing the visitors to the park with beautiful, natural surroundings.

There are cosy areas in the park with lakes and also rocky areas. And bring a packed lunch - there are several benches in peaceful surroundings where you can enjoy your food.


When the park is in full bloom

Rhododendron flowers in early spring but the bloom is usually at its fullest during the second half of May. Therefore, the park is open from 1 April to 15 June. During this period, the park is at its prime so you are sure to experience the many different colours of the plants.

The price for visiting the park is DKK 20. Dogs are not allowed.


Visit the shop

Adjacent to the park, there is a nursery with a shop. In this shop, you find more than 700 different types of rhododendrons. 80 % of the range is the nursery’s own production. So, when you go for a walk in the park and find inspiration for your own garden, you can buy the beautiful flowers from the shop. You will enjoy great expertise, professional service and high quality. And the prices are affordable. On Rhododendron-Haven website, you find an extensive web shop where you can get a clearer idea of the products.