Purhøj - historic viewpoint

On Purhøj, you can feel its presence of history and the view from 120 height meters. The old mound was used as both a thing stead but also a meeting point for witches. Purhøj is said to be a mound from the Stone Age and has a very interesting history including both a grave tomb and some interesting excavation finds.  East of the mountain, they found a very large burial mound from the Iron Age with a number of significant findings.

Purhøj was also where the witches meet on Midsummer's Eve. By one of the many witch trials in the 16th Century, a couple admitted that they had visited the mountain on Midsummer's Eve together with hundreds of trolls and witches.

Also in recent times, Purhøj has been part of the history. Bjerrelide has been the thing stead in Bjerre Herred - a place where the local population gathered and held trials.

Please notice that Purhøj is situated on a private area but you are allowed to enjoy the view from up there. Please make sure to take all your belongings with you after your visit.

Purhøj is a part of BestigBjerge, which describes many of Denmarks mountains over 100 meters. If you climb all the mountains, 1482 meters all together, you can enter BestigBjerges hall of fame.