Palsgaard Castle Park

Photo: Jens Kjær
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Palsgaardvej 10, Hosby

7130 Juelsminde


The founding of Palsgaard Castle Park can be ascribed to the Danish diplomat, Holger Christian Reedtz, who owned the manor from 1835 – 1857.
Holger Reedtz brought home many rare species of trees and plants, which can still be seen in the park.

When Palsgaard in 1898 was sold to the Norwegian diplomat, Baron Wedel Jarlsberg (who had an decisive role in appointing the Danish Prince Carl as King of Norway), he hired the English garden architect Milner, who together with the Baron restructured the whole park with a new and beautiful access road to the castle buildings, whivh were also modernized and beautified.

The park is open to the public from 08.00 am until sunset and is with its 21 acres one of the largest manor parks in the country
Resident at Palsgaard Manor, is an amateur theater union that goes by the name ”Palsgaard Sommerspil”.
The Union has every year since 1972 invited an audience to the most beautiful open-air stage in Denmark in Palsgaard Castle Park, which is one of the largest manor parks in the country.

Throughout the years, Palsgaard sommerspil has performed shows of varying nature, in the later years amongst others The Sound of Music, Meet me at Cassiopeia, Les Miserables, Grease, Atlantis, Chess and Annie. The shows attracts audience from all corners of the country and sometimes foreigners too, and we have had an audience of up to 15.000 in a season.


Palsgaardvej 10, Hosby

7130 Juelsminde


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