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Årupparken 3

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I´m an autodidactic artist, who paint with acrylic on painter´s canvas.

I like to experiment with colours and materials.


I let me inspire of much various. It could be colours in nature, pattern and decorations.


My paintings are both abstract and figurative and my paintings are very various. 

It depends on, what inspires me.

Often I have an idea for the motive, but it can change during the process.

If you are interested in a painting or an exhibition, please contact me.


I have also published the childrens book "Nede i min børnehave" (In my kindergarten, only avaiable in danish) in 2016.

The book is turned to children aged 2 - 6 years, and are relevant for both parents and kindergartens.

You can borrow the book at the library or buy it/order it, in a bookstore or direchtly from me.


Pernille Stenskjær


Årupparken 3

8722 Hedensted

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