Odder Town Fête (Odder Byfest)

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Odder Town Fête is the very essence of cosiness with smiling faces filling the streets and tents with food and drink. Throughout the week, activities such as bicycle races, concerts, activities for children, a large hucksters’ market, a vintage car parade, processions and much more.


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A wail of a time in Denmark’s largest village

Every year during the week leading up to the first weekend of August, the trading town of Odder comes to life and celebrations start up. The traditional village fête has several large, annually recurring events and exciting activities for both children and adults. Here is an overview of the highlights of the week.


Wednesday: Cycling for the entire family

The “Tour of Hads Shire” is a proper family bicycle race that takes the cyclists around some of the most beautiful small roads in the Odder area. The routes are child-friendly and the 10-kilometer route is especially suited for children down to age 7 to 8 years. Every year, an average of 450-500 Odder residents along with a fair number of tourists participate in this tour of the greenery and, every year, the enthusiasm is fantastic.


Thursday: Music under the Beeches

Music under the Beeches  is a cosy evening under the beeches with lots of live music. Reserve this evening for cosy get-togethers and a picnic basket. The concerts are held in the lovely scenery of Skovbakken at the centre of Odder and is always well-attended. The programme includes well-known Danish bands.


Friday: The Town Fête is opened

The town fête opens with a large procession with thousands of creatively dressed and festive participants.

The many tents of the town fête then also open with their wide selection of different food and drinks. In several places around the town, you can experience live music in tents all weekend. Each tent has its own programme with parties, concerts and activities, so you can always find experiences to suit your tastes. Come along and dance, enjoy yourself and let loose in the beer tents.


Saturday: The largest hucksters’ market in East Jutland

Saturday the streets in the town centre are filled with more than 200 stalls. Come along and make a bargain at the flea markets, from the pottery, antiques, paper cuttings, foods, toys, technical items and much more when the entire town is transformed into one large market place.

On Saturday, you can also experience vintage cars during the annual Old Timer tour when a vast number of vintage cars take a longer drive. Come along and have a look at the many beautiful cars, watch their procession through the pedestrian street and join in the grading of the cars.

You can find the detailed programme for the Odder Town Fête at the town fête website.



8300 Odder

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02 Aug 21 / 08 Aug 21


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