Herb route on the island Endelave

Herb route on the island Endelave
On the island Endelave you will find several walking and bicycle-ride suggestions, where you on the way can pick wild flowers to use for making your own aromatic schnapps.
You can download a leaflet and discover, which plants you will find where – most plants are also found on other parts of the island. Endelave is a small island with a great nature, and you will find many different kinds of nature gathered on a foreseeable area. The island is very suitable for both walking- and bicycle trips, and the routes can also be used as general tourguide/natureguide.

Have the plants examined 
Behind this leaflet is Endelave medicinal herbs-garden, and in the medicinal herbs-garden you can have the plants examined, so that you are sure to use the right plants for the schnapps and to avoid any toxic kinds.You can also get the schnapps recipes and good advice on schnapps-herbs and on how to make the aromatic schnapps.In  the medicinal herbs-garden you will also find a visits garden with historical medicinal herbs, herbs, a shop with herbal specialities and a café.