The Gudenå Bus

If you canoe downstream on the southernmost part of the river Gudenåen in July 2021, you can take the bus back to where you started. Once every afternoon the bus will pick up canoeists at select stops between Klostermølle and Tørring.

Sail downstream and take the bus back

The southernmost part of the river Gudenåen from Tørring to Klostermølle is said by many to be the most beautiful part of the 170-kilometre-long river. On this narrow, winding and calm stretch you can only sail downstream, which means that you cannot turn the canoe around and sail back to the starting point.

The Gudenå Bus provides easy transportation back towards Tørring or one of the many other stops on the way.


Not only for canoeists

Everybody is welcome on the bus. So, if you are hiking on the Gudenå Path or on a bicycle ride in the beautiful nature, you are more than welcome to get on the bus heading southwards.


Did we mention that it is free?

It will not cost you a single crown to go for a ride on the bus. It is a service that is made available to tourists in the area. So, no reason to pull out your wallet – just sit back and enjoy the ride.



Klostermølle: 4:00 PM
Voervedsbro Camp Site: 4:10 PM
The Uncovered Bridge: 4:22 PM
Elite Camp Vestbirk: 4:30 PM
Gudenå Camping & Kanoudlejning: 4:43 PM
Camp Åstedbro: 4:54 PM
Åle Camp Site: 5:03 PM
Tørring Camping: 5:15 PM


And how about the canoe?

Unfortunately, you cannot bring the canoe on the bus. But the canoe rentals in the area will arrange transportation of the canoes. Contact them in advance and make arrangements.