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Fest i Hvalen

Maritime festival at Juelsminde Harbor.

Always Wednesday-Sunday week 33

All sails are set! Are you in for a cozy and authentic festival, where the maritime environment creates a truly fantastic atmosphere, then the maritime festival "Fest i Hvalen" is definitely for you.

Every year in week 33 from Wednesday to Sunday, Juelsminde Harbor is transformed into a cozy festival site, filled with fun maritime competitions, including the impressive 96-hour pile-riding competition, lots of good live music, delicious food from the pop-up restaurant Kabyssen, cold draft beer, tasty wines, Irish coffee and more from the many cozy bars. A large team of volunteers are on the verge of serving you, your family and friends, even your dog is welcome at the port.

For "Fest i Hvalen" the keywords are: Authentic, maritime, cozy and fun! Every year, this event sets sail to give you and the family and friends a fantastic experience both on land and in water. "Fest i Hvalen" is for the whole family, and then there is even free entrance every 5 days!

See you later in week 33 at the harbor in Juelsminde