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Fest i Hvalen

Every year in week 33, the marina in Juelsminde is turned into a festival site with lots of maritime atmosphere. Experience the renowned pile-riding competition, live music, good food and a drink or two in the many festival bars


All stops are pulled

Do you enjoy a cosy and authentic festival where the maritime environment creates an absolutely fantastic atmosphere, then Fest i Hvalen is definitely something you would enjoy.

When the summer is at its warmest, preparations are made for a party in one of Denmark’s coolest marinas in Juelsminde. Stalls, scenes and tents are set up for five August days with room for everyone – from families with children to happy, party-minded adults. 

At the festival, you can experience lots of good live music or enjoy a meal in the pop-up restaurant Kabyssen. The many bars serve cold draft beer, flavourful wine or a cup of Irish coffee.


The renowned pile-riding competition

During the festival, there are several crazy and fun activities on land and at sea. The big feature is without any doubt the pile-riding competition which has put Juelsminde on the map for years. In the 96-hour-long competition, the participants must try to stay on their pile and avoid falling into the harbour.


Always in week 33

Every year, Fest i Hvalen pulls out all the stops to give you and your family a fantastic experience, both on land and at sea.

A large team of volunteers is on hand to service you, your family and friends, even your dog is welcome at the harbour. The key words for Fest i Hvalen are: Authentic, maritime, cosy and fun!

See you in week 33 at the harbour in Juelsminde.