The fairytale: “The Golden Shoe”. Chapter 3 Juelsminde area

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A fairytale about trolls, witches and knights as well as the things and places you can experience in our four adventurous areas.

Chapter 3: Juelsminde area.

Suddenly rain poured down. Ella and Benjamin jumped around in the puddles, laughing. A father and son came by with fishing rods and invited them all back to their rented cottage for hot chocolate by the fireplace.
When they left the cottage, they had to jump to avoid a horse-drawn carriage flying by. The wagon stopped and a priest in front apologised saying that the Devil himself was lying on top of the rear wheel and he was trying to shake him off.

They looked at the rear wheels and saw the figure. “My parsonage is down here in As Vig bay and I would like to go home without the Devil” the priest said. Benjamin knew about the Devil from school and said; “Drive the wagon into the water. The devil hates water.” They all ran after the wagon towards the beach.
As soon as the wagon hit the water the Devil hurried away. The relieved priest gave the wagon to the grateful traveling party.

They soon reached a beautiful park and while admiring the sculptures, Ella excitedly picked up something shiny from the ground. When the troll saw the cross
in Ella’s hands he asked her to put it back, explaining; “A widow once lived here with her sons, Rolf and Palle.
One night riding back home a dispute rose among the brothers. It tragically ended with Palle killing his brother.
When he returned to his mother, she sensed something was wrong and when he admitted to the killing she hit him so hard with her keys that he fell to the ground, dead.

He is said to be buried here with a valuable cross covered with pearls and gemstones. As long as the cross stays in place nothing bad can happen”.

They eventually reached the charming harbor town of Juelsminde. They asked about the golden shoe at the golf course, at the hotel, in all the shops on the cozy shopping streets and at the harbor museum. They even asked the boaters in their yachts, but no one had seen the shoe. They decided to stay there for the night and after a nice dinner in one of the restaurants they ended the day with an ice cream at the marina. They walked onto to the beach, sat around a fire for a while, snuggled up in blankets borrowed at the campsite by the beach.

As they were folding the blankets the next morning a woman came by with her dog and they started talking. When asked about the golden shoe she said; “That’s
probably Kalf the Knight”. “A knight?” Benjamin said interested, thinking that knights were cool. The troll explained; “Kalf is a cruel and powerful man who built
Stagsevold, a castle in Staksrode Forest. He robs innocent ships and is feared by all. I met him in the woods the other day and asked him for help, promising to make
him very rich in return. He had a look at my treasure of gold and now that I think about it, the shoe disappeared around that time!”

Benjamin run to the wagon shouting; “We have to find Kalf! Hurry up!” The woman with the dog yelled; “I saw him in Barrit half an hour ago!” and they took off westwards, passing the fishing lake in the forest before turning left out of the town.

To be continued.......


Havnen 4

7130 Juelsminde

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