The fairytale: “The Golden Shoe”. Chapter 2 Glud, Hjarnø and Snaptun area

A fairytale about trolls, witches and knights as well as the things and places you can experience in our four adventurous areas.

Chapter 2: the Glud, Hjarnø and Snaptun area.

In Bjerre they passed the old jail and a red tile covered mill. By the roadside they encountered a witch spinning a thread of gold on her wheel. Her fingers bled from spinning all day without water in her rinsing bowl. Mom gave her all of her water. The witch gratefully gave mom a piece of the gold thread saying; “Pull the thread to any
length you want or have any hole repair itself with it”.

They carried on and stopped for directions at a tractor museum with a giant Christmas tree-like monument of tractors. The owner gave them directions to the nearby town of Glud. At a junction they noticed an old white half-timbered building with red and brown wooden beams. “It’s a museum from 1912” the troll explained. “The founder was a bit of a fruitcake. He hung a wooden mask on the outside wall and when someone passed by, he pulled a cord so the mask would stick its tongue out”. Giggling, they walked on and at the Guesthouse it was suggested they search on the peninsula of Borre Knob.

While enjoying the view of Horsens Fjord from the sandy tip of Borre Knob, Ella suddenly yelled; “It’s raining sand!” They all looked up and saw a flying witch, her apron full of sand. “Watch out!” the troll exclaimed, but too late. The apron split and piles of sand fell from the sky, covering them all. The troll gasped for air and said; “I heard of a witch destroying a farmer’s crops with sand because she is angry with him”. Benjamin replied laughingly; “She must have overfilled the apron.”

“Are you making fun of me?” said the witch from the other side of the sand pile as they all got on their feet.
“No! Sorry!” Benjamin replied with a shivering voice not hiding his nervousness. “Help me out!” the witch commanded and they all ran to help her back on her feet.
“How can I repay you?” said the witch. “Can you take us to Hjarnø?” asked the troll. The witch looked at her apron in frustration. Mom remembered the gold thread and took it out and held it against the apron which magically repaired itself. “There you go” said mom proud.

The witch placed the giant apron on the ground and they all stepped onto it. From the apron in the sky they looked down at the charming harbor of Snaptun and at the ferry leaving the dock at Hjarnø. The witch set them down by the tiny church on Hjarnø. On the main road they asked about the golden shoe at the café in the old smithy and at the campsite, where they were offered to join the tractor sightseeing tour - a welcome break for their tired feet.

They stopped at the vineyard where locals tend their grapes and turn them into wine, then headed for the beach where they noticed some peculiar oval collections of huge rocks. The troll explained; “Vikings were buried under a formation of stones in the shape of a ship. It is said that Denmark’s King Hjarne was buried here and the
island is named after him.”
No golden shoe anywhere, so they returned to Snaptun by the ferry and continued their quest on the Coastal Path that runs all the way to Juelsminde.

To be continued.......