Bjerge Forrest

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Bjerre Skovvej, Bjerre

8783 Hornsyld

High above the rest of the landscape and right in the heart of Bjerre shire, Bjerre forest lies. Of the forests 282 acres, Søholt Mose of 11 acres has become nature forest and that part of the forest has been left untouched since 1998.

The nature forest

A walking path of two kilometers goes from the parking lot at Bjerre Skovvej along the creek to ”Elverdam” – a nice forest lake which was artificielly made in the beginning of the 1940’ies. In Elverdam, you can catch the pikes and eel of the lake. However, you’ll need a stately fishing license. A place for bondfires and tables and benches offers a nice stay. Hereafter the trip goes along the dams, where you have a nice view of the nature forest with lots of beech trees south of Elverdam and on the way north again a small piece of forest, which have been left untouched in many years.

Already within a span of 20 years, the nature forest will become more moist and give room for a big amount of plants and animals, whó thrive in the forest wetlands, that otherwise has disappeared in the danish forest. So in time, we will have a small jungle in Bjerge forest.

Bjerge forest

Bjerge forest is a forest with mixed types of trees in a very hilly terrain. The many protected barrows, is a testimony of how important the area has been for hundreds of years. In all of Bjerge forest you are allowed access around the clock, outside the fenced areas on foot and on the tracks if you are on a bicycle. East of the nature forest, a mountanbike route has been established. Dogs are welcome but have to be kept on a leash.


Bjerre Skovvej, Bjerre

8783 Hornsyld


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