Palsgaard Sommerspil  experience classic musicals in beautiful surroundings

Towns, events and areas with special experiences

Find inspiration to your holiday destination or a day trip for kids and grown ups. Choose between several areas that offer unique nature, lots of experiences and active holiday or where everything is in walking distance.

Vacation with both fun and learning

Our area is perfectly placed on the map both regarding water and nature.

Activity calendar

Be inspired and get the overview of the events on the whole Juelsminde peninsula between the fjords of Horsens and Vejle, the area around the springs of the Gudenaa near Tørring  as well as Hjarnø in the East.

Areas - ready to be explored


The cozy harbor town with approximately 4000 citizens, where the city life is centered around the harbor, the child friendly beaches and the cosy city...

Glud, Hjarnø and Snaptun

An eventful haven for the whole family. The area offers many historical landmarks such as Viking burial sites, cannons, an old jail, Gallows Hill a...


The serene oasis Experience dramatic coastlines, lush forests, rolling hills and inner peace in an area that has evolved on the land of Rosenvold, ...

Gudenaa, Tørring and Uldum

Active holiday in a historic area. Enjoy the unique countryside around the springs of the river Gudenaa and Skjern stream on foot. Bike along Th...