Sources of the Gudenå and Skjern Å

Photo: Gert Skærlund

The sources of the Gudenå and Skjern å springs with only a few 100 meters distance and runs in opposite directions towards Kattegat and Vesterhavet. Explore this fantastic nature pearl in the middle of Jutland and find all the quiet spots in nature.

The sources of the Gudenå and Skjern å springs with only a few 100 meters distance and runs in opposite directions towards Kattegat and Vesterhavet. The area contains an exciting and fascinating story of a nature created my the icecapes during the last ice age and of human suse of nature throughout centuries. The area is a part of the Danish “naturkanon” from 2019, which counts 15 unique nature spots. 

Go and explore the many historical trails. Find the remnants of the first waterpark in Denmark and take a walk on the Hærvej, the main road through Jutland for thousands of years, which found its natural run in the middle of the two springs, so that wanderers could pass dryfooted through the landscape. Explore this fantastic nature pearl in the middle of Jutland and find all the quiet spots in nature. Here, you can experience nature up close – and you set the pace and decide whether you want to travel by canoo, by bicycle or by foot.

Gudenå River

Gudenå River is with its 160 kilometers Denmark's longest river. The river originates in Tinnet Crate northwest of Tørring and has its outlet in Randers Fjord. On its way to the Randers Fjord the river has several major entrances, among others: Mattrup Å, Salten Å, Found Å, Gjern Å and ...

The legend of how Gudenåen was named

Once there was a demigod named Gudar. He stole a girl in Tinnet Krat, from where the Gudenaa has its source. The girl was named Else and she was famous wide and far for her beauty. Gudar tied her to a horsecarriage and abducted her. To prevent people from following, he steered the horses i...

I hele juli måned kan du hver dag hoppe på den gratis bus, der sejler mod strømmen på Gudenåen. Start din kanotur i Tørring, sejl med strømmen og bliv fragtet tilbage til Tørring med bussen. Hvis du lejer din kano eller kajak hos Tørring Kanoudlejning skal du ikke bekymre dig om at få kanoen tilbage til Tørring - det klarer udlejeren. Bussen kører fra Åstedbro Teltplads kl 16:00 og fra Åle Teltplads klokken 16:30.

The source of the Gudenå and Denmark's first waterpark

The Gudenå path from Voervadsbro to Emborg is a waymarked hiking route passing through one of the most beautiful glacial landscapes in Denmark with impressive vista points, lakes, forests and culture-historical gems.

Uldum Marsh

Uldum Marsh - a cultural landscape Traces of settlements from the Stone Age up until the present have been uncovered in the transition between the marsh and the surrounding farmland. The marsh was created by the overgrowth of a larger lake and the area has played a significant role as h...

From the source of the Gudenå to Uldum Marsh

Experience this beautiful nature by bike or on foot. The blue bicycle routes are 22, 30 and 42 kilometers. The bicycle route around the southern part of the Gudenaa (the blue route on the map) is a roundtrip, so you can start and stop whereever you want. You can also split it up in...

Uldum Mill Museum (Uldum Mølle)

Experience a demonstration mill and mill museum from 1895 that still produces and sells large quantities of organic flour. The windmill is the biggest gallery mill in Denmark. See the three grinder mills where the production takes place and walk onto the gallery and see the 23-metre-long w...

Tørring Camping

Tørring Camping is located at the heart of Jutland, in the middle of the town, by also in the middle of scenic nature with Gudenåen rippling along the...

Camp Aastedbro Bed & Breakfast

On the shores of the river Gudenå, this cosy oasis is an obvious choice for overnight accommodation when canoeing on the only river in Denmark. The ol...

Blåbærgårdens autocamper stellplads

Enjoy a night in the nature at Blåbærgårdens Camper Stellplads.

Uldum Kær Shelter

In Uldum Kær by the parkingspot on Kærvejen, there is a primitive sheltersite with a toilet building which is usable by disabled persons. There are ta...

Tørring Canoe Rental (Tørring Kanoudlejning & Kanofart)

At Tørring Kanoudlejning & Kanofart you can hire a canoe or kayak to go on the river Gudenå. Staff are ready with advice and guidance, so you do not have to think about all the practical things - just sit back and enjoy the ride.


Experience this large, beautiful park full of colourful rhododendron bushes. Immerse yourself in the beautiful, peaceful surroundings and visit the shop where you can buy your own rhododendron to take home to your garden.

The Ancient Road Hærvejen by the glacial watershed

Along the Jutland Ridge west of Tørring you find a varied area of natural beauty, which includes the lake of Rørbæk Sø, the largest oak scrubland in Denmark in addition to several locations of historic significance. the Ancient Road Hærvejen runs right through the area, which is home to a ...

Gudenaa, Tørring and Uldum

Active holiday in a historic area. Enjoy the unique countryside around the springs of the river Gudenaa and Skjern stream on foot. Bike along Th...

Rørbæk Lake, Tinnet Krat and the Gudenåen spring

Rørbæk Lake is situated close to the ridge of Jutland, where the springs from the two largest rivers, Skern Å and Gudenåen – take their rise in the sa...

Churches close to the sources of Gudenåen and Skjern å

The churches of the area carries a long tradition and a lot of exciting stories.

The glacial watershed

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