Man fishing by the coast in Juelsminde

Coastal fishing on the Juelsminde Peninsula

The beautiful coastline around the Juelsminde Peninsula, with Horsens and Vejle fjords, is very variated and therefor boasts numerous good fishing spots. 

You can fish both with a spin and a fly and the fishing can be done both from the shore and from boat. Even during windy and bad weather, you’ll easily find exciting fishings spots with shelter, calm waters and nice nature experiences.
The area is known for its excellent seatrout fishing, which tops from April to June and again in September and October. But the long and variated coastal line with small coves and inroads, also give you the chance of catching other species such as garfish, flatfish and cod.

The garfish is a grateful sportfish and in no way hard to outwit. On both sides of Juelsminde City, you’ll find many places where you can catch the longbeaked fast swimmers in the season from the end of April, May and the start of June. Sites as As Hoved, Kirkholm, Barrit strand, Bjørnsknude and Rosenvold strand, are all sites where the garfish arrive when we get near mid May. Whether you fish with blink, floats or fly, the garfish are an eminent fighter.

By the Juelsminde Peninsula’s coasts, good fishing experiences await the whole family.

Where seatrout fishing takes patience, the garfish fishing is more straight to the case. Either you can fish it with blink and silk thread. Here, no hook is needed, which makes this form of fishing very child friendly and this especially so for the small kids or the rookie. With this setup, you can calmly let the children play and practice the art of fishing and throwing.

Do you prefer still standing fishing, you can with a simple floater and hook with approximately 5 cm. long herring pieces catch the longbeaked acrobats. Just throw the float and hook with herring pieces out and wheel it slowly in. Here, everyone can be part of it, and the visual fishing gives a chance for good talks and cozyness, while the premade lunch is enjoyed.


A worm on the hook? Along the eastern coastline you have a high catch rate when fishing for predatory fish using fly and spinning bait. For this reason, coastal fishing with live bait such as lugworm is not so common on the Danish east coast. If you prefer using lugworm as bait then you have to dig them themselves. You find a lugworm hotspot on the west side of the peninsula Borre Knob in Horsens Fjord. When there is low tide in the inlet you can easily dig up the worms.

Fishing at the Juelsminde Peninsula

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