Juelsminde Halvøen family on bike ride

Biking experiences

A vacation on bicycle on the Juelsminde Peninsula or along the Gudenå offers unique nature, Culinary delights, exercise and togetherness. 

Wind in the hair and the food basket on the back of the bike – all kids and adults love it! Along the road, there is rich possibilities of detours to lovely beaches or walks in the forests. Try the beautiful trip from Juelsminde to Snaptun, where there is paved bicycle paths all the way or small cozy roads, that takes you safely through the landscape. 
Take the bicycle ferry, which sails between Alrø, Hjarnø and Snaptun or visit Endelave, which is reached by a ferry from Snaptun. From Snaptun, there is furthermore only five minutes of sailing to Hjarnø. 

Click here for an overview of bicycle and hiking paths in Hedensted Municipality / VistJuelsminde area.
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digital open air map Experience the Gudenå – from the source of Gudenåen to Randers Fjord