Fishing at the Juelsminde Peninsula

Experiences with a fishing rod

Along the variating coastlines on the Juelsminde Peninsula, you can catch seatrout, herring, cod and garfish. Also, try your luck in the creeks and lakes of the area. In the Put & Take-lakes of the area, trout who are willing to bite await you and your family.

Coastal fishing on the Juelsminde Peninsula

The beautiful coastline around the Juelsminde Peninsula, with Horsens and Vejle fjords, is very variated and therefor boasts numerous good fishing spots.

Fishing – get started well

Fishing License All anglers aged 18-64 are obliged to carry a governmental fishing license to fish in Danish waters. A fishing license for angling, gives the right to fish with light equipment, eg. a fishing rod, but not with stillstanding equipment such as traps or nets. The governmen...

Prøv fiskeri fra kajak

Photo: Juelsmindehalvøens Kajakudlejning

Put & Takes and anglinglakes

Catch your own dinner in one of the areas Put & Take lakes.

Creeks and lakes

Catch your own dinner along the creeks and lakes in the area.

Equipment, guide and boat to the fishing trip

Get ready for the fishing trip, find gear, stores, fishing guides and boat rental in the area.